Our team has experience in structuring pathfinder PPP transactions and understand the key risks and challenges inherent in developing and delivering sustainable PPP programs which offer true value for money. We develop inherently flexible PPP contract structures combined with competitive and sustainable financing followed through with fastrack design, build and commissioning programs to ensure your projects are realised in the shortest possible timeframe.

We have PPP investments and project developments in growth regions such as Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.


LFB is committed to a corporate culture that embraces and promotes strong principles of business and professional ethics at every level

Customer Focus

Dedicated to building value added PPP infrastructure platforms for our Customers, we do so in collaborative environment, challenging each option, each solution, ensuring our Customers achieve their objectives.

The integration of our services across the PPP development
lifecycle enables a successful project outcomes

We believe strongly in our way of working. So strongly, in fact, that we weren’t satisfied to simply offer a fraction of the services required to deliver a PPP project. Because we are committed to always going the extra mile for our clients, it only seemed natural for us to develop our own full range of development management services in-house, ensuring smarter solutions to our clients infrastructure and funding challenges. In doing so, we have learned that each informs the rest. Our collaborative and agile culture pushes us to constantly share knowledge and consult our colleagues. The result is smarter PPP solutions, which draw their strength from insights and experience informed by the entire PPP development lifecycle ensure our clients realize their return on investment.

We are an international company operating seamlessly
across borders

LFB provides its full range of services in more than 20 countries worldwide. Whether we are working for multi-national or local clients, we deliver the same singular LFB quality of service and deliver. Driven by our desire to support our clients in new geographies, we have found that our dedication to delivering better PPP projects resonates in many developed and emerging markets around the world. We are proud to have designing and developed pathfinder PPP projects that have social and economic betterment at the heart of the project seeking to improve the lies of the citizens of the governments we have partnered with.

Working internationally has also helped us to hone our understanding of the key challenges which arise in seeking to implement a project in developing countries wherein we seek to address not only the project but the regulatory environment the project will operate within, reinforce and strengthen healthcare and pharma policy, build parallel capacity and education programs to ensure that the human capital is readily available to manage the project.

We go the distance, no stone is left unturned

LFB was founded in response to a desire to find a better way of delivering for our clients who are in effect both government and private sector investors who come together via a structured PPP and in doing so, openly, honestly, efficiently, and with an eye on always driving in value. Even as the company has grown the original vision remains the same. We see ourselves as more than just consultants and PPP experts. We are our clients’ partners in the truest sense, and as a result, our role is to challenge conventional thinking, bring ideas to the table, and never stop looking for ways to be smarter, leaner, more affordable, faster ensuring better returns on investment.

We employ people who have knowledge and experience, but at LFB it’s about so much more than that. Our people share a work ethic that dictates that something worth doing is worth doing well; an enthusiasm that means nothing is ever too much trouble; and a willingness to roll our sleevs up. In return, our employees stay with us because of an entrepreneurial work environment and a corporate commitment to expose our employees to as much opportunity possible.